New album "Night Moves" is ready

And will be out in January on Vietnam / Because Music. 11 songs produced by Rob Schnapf (Elliott Smith, Beck, Guided by voices) and mastered by Greg Calbi ( Springsteen, The National, The War on drugs). First shows in France have been announced and will be followed by a tour in 2015.

Here's a little video trailer for the new record.

New album produced by rob schnapf

H-Burns' new album will be produced by Rob Schnapf ( Elliott Smith, Beck, Guided by voices, A.A Bondy ...). Recording sessions to take place in April at his studio in Los Angeles, California.

New video for "Opposite Way" by Jamie Harley

Digital E.P out April 22 including tow previously unreleased tracks from the "Off the map" sessions, and a demo version of Opposite Way.